Which is the best keyword research tool for SEO and PPC?

Keywords are one of the most important and critical part of Search Engine Optimization to rank your website higher in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). Apart from keywords On page Optimization, Good site UI, Link building and Content quality also matter for the same. If you are using a Keyword research tool it will be giving you new long-tail keywords list related to your product. Even if you are a Business owner, Internet Marketer or Content writer, keywords are the most crucial element. Keyword research tools use Google Autocomplete to generate the relevant long-tail keywords. You must think about the search terms that you’re content needs to be found when they search something, those words will be your keywords for which ranking is needed.

Keywords are an essential element of every website as they are the search terms for your posts/website. To increase Traffic on the website, then along with Unique you have to write it which will search on the User Search Engine. With the help of the tools given below, you can search for the keyword that you are posting, and how much is the search of that Keyword in the Search Engine. In simple words, understand how much traffic will be available to the keyword you are targeting and how much money will be available with these best and free keyword research tools.


Keywords are important as they are the bridge between what your users are searching and the content you provided for the same search queries. They could be any idea or topic but basically should define what your content is about; with relevancy. Suppose you own a health blog, might want to rank for “Health related tips” but how you’ll be going to determine that this is the right keyword? Choose them according to what your audience is searching for as well as what you are providing them. Every person is busy in itself. On one side, many people were employed by the machine and many gave jobs to many. You are reading this article that means you also want to use the machine. Researching Manually Keyword is not an easy task though.

How many types of Keyword are?

  1. Generic Keyword: This is also called short keyword. The word written in the sentence written once in the sentence is called generic keyword. Example: blogging.
  2. Broad Match Keyword: – The term used to search for particular product or brand is called broad match keyword. Example: Buy Blogging tips.
  3. Long Tail Keyword: – The combination of 3 or 4 keywords is called long tail keyword only. Example: How to make money with blogging.

What is Keyword research?

First of all, we try to find out what is related to our business, service or product. After that we choose the right keywords for ourselves based on volume and competition. It sounds very easy to hear, But there are so many steps in it that we have to follow. Keyword-rich content makes sure that your website will be appearing in the top Search Engine Results.

Keyword research has basically three steps –

  1. Generating keywords ideas for your website.
  2. How often is this word searched?
  3. How competitive is this keyword
  4. Choosing the potential one

Whenever we type something in Google’s search bar, Google starts showing some suggestions related to the same topic. These suggestions are only high search volume keywords. That is, these are the words that go to Google to find the most related ones.

Google Keywords Planner

Google Adwords Keyword Planner is basically two tools i.e., Google Keyword tool and Adwords to get the relevant keywords to use. Search for the relevant keywords and by linking Google AdWords keyword planner account with your Google Analytics account will benefit you by providing unlimited insights for improving your website and its traffic. You can also do Keyword Research in Google Adwords. This tool is the best free tool. If your budget is not for the Paid Tool, then this is the best option. A new user can start generating a great traffic from this. The user’s favorite search engine is Google. You must have understood the meaning of Approx. from here. Exact Data will get.



It is a free Online Keyword research tool that uses Google Autocomplete for generating more than hundreds of related long tail keywords. The purpose of Autocomplete is to maximize the speed of searches by users. This tool extracts your related terms from the Google keyword suggestions with an easy-to-understand interface. This tool is good for creating long tail keywords with an exact match with the related search terms. It would be better if you use it to get a lot of keywords related to your theme or topic for creating a page. This is a Paid tool and is very good for Long tail Keyword Suggestion. With this help you can research Google, Youtube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, App Store for everyone.


SEM Rush

SEM Rush is good for generating competitive keyword research and also it will show you your common competing keywords. It has started in 2008 by some SEO and IT specialists that is global now. This tool allows you to find the potential keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns and gather phrase matches and related keywords with exploring the Multilanguage and Multilingual environments.

sem rush keyword panner

Find keywords in 26 SEMrush regional databases for: the United States (Google and Bing), the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Russia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Israel, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore, Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and Hong Kong. Not only in Keyword research but it also gives you in-depth analysis to make your digital marketing campaign broader. Semrush is the Easiest Keyword Research Tool for Blogger. This is not just the research tool but more than that. Please enter the Domain URL in that Ranking on the particular Domain Key Keyword. You can check this and also check that Keypad and CanCan is doing the Domain Rank. You can also check his Search Volume and CPC with Long Tail, Short Tail keyword.

Ahrefs: Ahrefs is also one of the most powerful Keyword Research tools in itself. You can easily check the difficulty of the keyword. You can check how much competition you have on the topic that you want to write next post. With this tool, you can also check Backlinks as well. To get backlink check, you have to get paid package. This tool is found with 14 days trial. After this you can take a pro version if you wish.

keyword ideas

Wordstream Free Keyword Tool: High CPC Keyword Search, the same website opens a Post. Sometimes its post appears in Google’s Knowledge Graph. Wordstream also offers free keyword research tool. But there are some limitations in it. This tool works just like Google Adword Keyword Planner. Meaning is user-friendly. You can also do Keyword Filter with Niche Filter. This tool gives 30 Searches free.

Google Suggest: This is the best, cheap and durable tool that is also completely free! Google suggest is how it works whenever you search Google, it suggests. You can also use High Organic Traffic Generate to write it. You can also use Search Related and People also ask Term in SERP (Search Engine Page Result).

Google Trends: If your blog is related to Trending Topic, then this tool is for you. You can also check Comparison of Popular Word with Trend in this tool. Region Wise and Category Wise can also check which country is ranking in Keyword. Apart from this, you can also see the ranking of the website, which is ranked in different regions.

KW Finder: The interface of this tool is very good. It can be used to search Longtail Keyword. Do you want to know what Longtail Keyword is, how it works and how to search Long Tail Keyword? Anybody who has a tutorial on this topic should tell the comment in Sahib. When you click on an individual keyword in KW Finder, you can also see the list of which website is ranking on that particular keyword. It means that you know what your competition is going to be. In KWFinder’s Free Version you can do just 2 searches in 24 hours.

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