How to use Facebook to promote your business

Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social media platform, even after all the controversies (fake news, promoting policies that have proven to not help society, and so on). Regardless, Facebook is still supreme. Therefore, it is hard to deny that Facebook still remains the most effective marketing platform to promote your business.

Twitter continues to hurt itself because of its supporting of issues that go against what America has stood for and what has made America the most powerful country in the world. Because of this Twitter is not equal to Facebook.

MaxAudience has managed hundreds of Facebook campaigns for clients, so they have firsthand experience in bringing in a high ROI with Facebook advertising. While paid Facebook advertising can be expensive for small businesses in the long run, there are strategies to promote your business on Facebook that are absolutely free.

A few free ways to promote your business on Facebook are:

Create a business page:

When you open a public business page for your company on Facebook it lets your customers and prospects connect with you directly via Facebook messaging and comments.

This helps develop a personal connection your target audience. If you are a one-person business, you can also use your personal profile to engage with customers. But creating a separate business page gives you a different level of professionalism.

Engage with the audience:

Once you have your business page, don’t let it just sit there. Remember that your Facebook page is a vital communication and marketing tool for your business.

Regular updates, posts, and audience engagement are some of the ways to showcase that not only are your customers satisfied, they regularly interact with you and have a direct connection with your brand.

Join Facebook groups:

Facebook groups are where you can learn more about what your competitors and your target audience is up to. You can use your business page to join professional groups and your personal account to join customer groups.

This will let you know what your target audience wants and what other businesses are doing to meet customer demands. Making a regular and insightful contribution to groups will also help establish you as an authority figure.

List events:

Whenever you have company events involving the audience, such as a webinar, create an event page to invite friends and the people in the groups you are part of.

Not only will you get attendees, but you will also receive outstanding feedback on the event. Even people who aren’t in the groups will get to know and want to attend, resulting in prolific publicity.

There are also several paid options for advertising on Facebook, including sponsored posts and display ads. For more information get in touch with MaxAudience and discover a number of ways to promote your business.

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