8 Quick Tips About Ecommerce PPC Management

Changing Digital Marketing scenarios have also changed how E-commerce PPC management used to work.

New updates come up every now and then to help marketers improve the effectiveness of online Ads.

These updates and tips provide help when it comes to managing PPC campaigns for E-commerce stores.

There are numerous practices which have been followed since long. But which will work best, it is a little difficult to figure out.

Understanding this concern, let’s have a look at various tips that can help in e-commerce PPC management.

Run Google Shopping Campaigns to manage PPC

Every E-commerce store or platform needs efforts to drive relevant traffic.

Here comes the role of Google Shopping ads.

The Google Shopping Ads have emerged as the best advertising platform for e-commerce stores.

It not only helps them to bring the quality traffic but also to increase the online sales.

Shopping Ads are also known as Product Listing Ads (PLA).

With shopping Ads, you can easily minimize the gaps between your product and the users.

A well-optimized Ad always attracts the customer and ends up with quality clicks.

Getting clicks on an Ad is the first step that leads to conversions.

After clicking the Ad, the visitors finding the product relevant to their search are likely to get converted easily.

And sales are the ultimate results that aid in the growth of every e-commerce store.

Google Shopping has emerged as effective advertising practices to get potential customers.

Shopping Ads help in the easy promotion of the product line and brand as well. On the other hand, this makes the people acquainted with your online store.

“Stats says, Google shopping Ads get around 85% of all the clicks generated from Google Ads and shopping campaigns”

Target the large customer base by presenting your brand right in front of the eyes of the customers.

Google Shopping Ads

Shopping ads generally have a quick influence on the people.

It adds value to the customers’ product search and assists them to find the products of their choice.

It has been observed that shopping ads attract more clicks in comparison to the text ads.

Shopping ads are proving more influencing, hence ultimately driving more clicks.

Due to this, text ads are easily being dominated by shopping ads.

Ultimately making the Google shopping ads a good platform to flaunt your products and stand out.

Tips to Optimize Shopping Ads

Make sure that the product image is well-optimized for the mobile phones.

Do not forget to optimize product data feed properly to attract relevant traffic.

RLSA Campaign is Not a Bad Idea

If the first attempt doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean that the second one will also not.

Getting confused by these words?

Using the RLSA feature you can a make a second attempt to bring back the customers.

RLSA basically stands for Remarketing List for Search Ads.

Advertisers make use of this amazing feature to tailor their search campaigns.

It has become quite easy to focus on those customers who have previously visited your website.

CTR Bar Chart

Not only this, the target area can be broadened by targeting the customers on the basis of pages they viewed.

With the tailored Ad campaigns, it is easier to target the specific segment of visitors. It helps in driving the valuable and quality customers who are already familiar with your brand.

Customization of Ad in the right way can help you to make the best use of Ad spend.

Results are not over yet, you can also expect a better conversion rate and ROI from RLSA

With RLSA campaign you can easily keep the visitors engaged in your website.

This is the great opportunity to make the ads more specific keeping in view the previous website visitors.

RLSA provides the feasibility to tailor the bids and ads when people are searching on Google.

You can easily create ads in more customized form.

For example, you can show a different ad to the customers who have products in their cart but not purchased them yet.

In this way, you can easily target the visitors on the basis of their behavior on your website.

Trigger Conversions with Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamic remarketing can be used as a powerful weapon to hit back the customers.

There is hardly any doubt if we talk about how effective it is?

It not all about remarketing the products only. In fact, there is a lot more to unfold. Using dynamic remarketing you can easily trigger the conversion rate.

Wait, Wait… do not get mixed with remarketing and dynamic remarketing. There is a thin line between them.

Although they both resolve the same purpose but with a different approach.

Let’s clear it with a quick view-

Remarketing helps to target the previous website visitors whereas dynamic remarketing helps by presenting the ad of the same products they viewed on the website earlier.

Dynamic Remarketing

For example,  Let’s have a look at the dynamic Ad images:

Example of Dynamic Ad Image

Have you ever been into a situation where you want to buy a product and visits a website?

But somewhere you are confused and procrastinated your purchase decision.

With dynamic remarketing, you can easily target the user dealing with the same situation.

Show them the ads of the product they have viewed earlier but didn’t take any action on it.

Such users are easily convertible as they hold the requirement of that product.

The only thing required here is a good influencer.

And these Ads work as an influencer by appearing right in front of their eyes.

“It has been observed that 30-50% business from PPC is derived from remarketing campaigns.”

After seeing the above figure, we can easily conclude that remarketing campaigns are proving quite effective.

It’s not only fostering online sales but also the effectiveness of PPC.

Make Complete Use of Keywords Match Type

While managing the PPC campaigns for e-commerce, the right use of keywords is equally important as any other aspect.

Without proper keyword, the success of the PPC is a bit skeptical.

And it is sure no one would like to move further with even a single loophole that can hamper the productivity.

Understanding the concept of keyword match type and using it wisely has emerged as a proven strategy that works well.

It’s better to dive into the concept and make the best out of it.

Using this feature, it is quite easy to control that for which search query the Ad will appear.

Adwords Keyword Match Type

There are four types of the match and every type has its own significance.

  • Broad Match

Selecting this type, make the searches broad as the Ad will appear in case of spelling mistakes, synonyms and for relevant terms as well.

  • Broad Match Modifier

This can be used to modify the broad match and the Ad will appear if the visitor is searching for the modified search term. In this match type, do not include synonyms of the keywords.

  • Phrase Match

As the name says, Ad will appear when people are making use of phrases or its close variants.

  • Exact Match

By opting exact match type the Ad will appear when the exact search term is used.

Match types make it more easy to manage the campaigns as per your requirement.

Choose the keyword match type wisely to segment the audience and filter the irrelevant traffic.

Consequently, you will get relevant audience whose click worth. Else it will be all in vain.

Negative Keywords are Equally Important

Never miss out the use of negative keywords.

One must be well-versed with the use of negative to use them effectively in PPC.

Getting relevant traffic and clicks for the Ads is important but eradicating the irrelevant click is also equally important.

Make the ads more specific, deciding for which search terms you do ‘NOT’ want the Ads to be displayed.

Usage of negative keywords restricts the visibility of the Ad for that particular keyword.

This has emanated as one of the basic strategies to increase the click-through rate and quality prospects.

Filter out the unwanted clicks and traffic are the biggest factors that immensely affects the Ad performance.

For instance, Let’s say, you are into the business of readymade clothing and running an ad campaign. People who are searching for clothing material will also have the visibility of your Ad. Such traffic is completely unwanted. Better to drain out the traffic by adding ‘Material’ as the NEGATIVEkeyword.

Researching and adding negative keywords is not a one-time effort.

It’s not all about add and forget about it.

Instead, campaign maintenance urges for draining out the irrelevant traffic consistently.

One needs to maintain a pace with research work to figure out which new negative keywords can be added.

Maintaining the relevancy between ad and traffic is the utmost priority to trigger the campaign’s responsiveness and success.

A/B Testing of Landing or Product Pages for Better Results

The landing page is always of vital importance, especially when it comes to E-commerce.

Do not let your landing page mislead your user, this will further frustrate them.

Instead, focus on imparting an experience that contents them and they would love to recommend it to others as well.

A user clicking on an Ad have certain expectations and if not fulfilled it leads to disappointment.

On the other hand, it creates a bad brand impression resulting in loss of customers.

If not emphasizing on the landing page your business might be losing some easy gains.

Relying on one landing page for all the products is not the wise decision.

In e-commerce basically, the product page is the landing page.

Because if you are advertising for a specific product, the user will land on that specific product page after clicking on the ad.

There he expects all relevant information that can satiate his needs.

This includes a clear image, complete information, offers, description, reviews and also he has the convenience of adding it to the cart.

Such aspects help to take the Ad campaigns closer to success.

So, before serving the landing page to your customers make sure that it is perfectly optimized to bring conversions.

Better to go for A/B testing which will help you to know which page is more valuable.

Example of A/B Testing

Tried and tested methods always succeed as somewhere you know what appeals the visitors.

Go for testing two pages simultaneously, finalize only after having the responses from the two.

There are many tools available which can you with A/B Testing like:

Bid on SKU’s and Model Number as Well for Better ROI:

You might be thinking that why to bid on SKU’s and model number, is this really worth?

But Yes, Of course, it is…

Many times people are quite specific in their choices and make searches using the model number of the product.

For example:

Example of SKU and model no. Ads

Example of SKU and model no. Ads

To convert such kind of customers, it’s better to bid on the model number and SKU’s of the product.

By bidding on the model number you can optimize the ads to increase the traffic and get a large customer base.

Because ultimately if the user is getting what he wants, he will never miss the deal and make the purchase.

This is another practice that works to grab relevant customers from the crowd of people and make the PPC more effective.

Set up Conversion Value Tracking for Your Campaigns

Now everything is going great… The ad campaign is running well, exceeding your expectations.

Fetching quality traffic which is ending up with good CTR.

Everything is fine but after putting such immense efforts would you not like to know which click is bringing conversion for your business?

In the end, what matters is the end results. An advertiser would always love to know that which click is actually bringing sales for the business.

Without knowing the results every effort is futile.

Advertisers nowadays are quite prudent have the best solution for this issues as well.

Conversion tracking is an impressive tool that comes with a lot of benefits for the business.

Its effectiveness has made it one of the best practices needed by every e-commerce campaign.

It helps to study the interaction and behavior of the users with the ads.

Stay informed with performer ad campaigns.

The tool helps to know which Ad, Ad campaign or Ad group is performing.

In addition, you can easily track the total revenue generated from the ads and what is the conversion value i.e.value you are drawing from the conversions.

E-commerce PPC Management

Therefore,  ending up with more sales in the business.

Such data analysis assists in segmenting the weak areas that need to be worked upon. Consistent improvement will be driving the campaign towards betterment.

Considering the current responses of the Ad, it will be more elementary to work on bids, keywords, text etc.

With such strategies extracting the best from the PPC has become much easier.

By setting up conversion value tracking you can monitor every activity related to PPC. Make every element work at the best to get the best results.


There are hundreds of practices followed with a view of maximizing profit from the Ad campaign.

But what is best survives for long.

There are always some practices which are evergreen.

Summing up with the best, above illustrated techniques have proven to be tried and tested methods that make e-commerce PPC management easy and productive.

Infusing these techniques into campaigns one can squeeze the best out of e-commerce ads.

Additionally, it will help to make every single penny spent on Ads worth. PPC  management is not all about running a campaign.

Instead, it needs that every feature available to manage PPC must be used in the right way.

Better optimization gives more exposure to the ads which further help to achieve the new height in e-commerce business by maximizing quality customers, conversions and online sales as well.

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