NEGATIVE KEYWORDS and Why They Are a Must in Your Ad Campaign

Whether you are doing your own digital marketing or if you are working with an agency, you have to make sure that your budget is used wisely. Applying negative keywords prevents your ads from being displayed with certain words or phrases and can save you up a lot of money. You do not want your ad to appear to people who are searching for product, services or opportunities that have nothing to do with your business. Negative keywords are the way to go.

This blog post should help you learn how to use  negative keywords and how they impact your ad campaign.

What are Negative Keywords ?

It would be easier to understand Negative Keywords with an example. Imagine that you have a company that makes leather shoes. The last thing you want to do is to use a keyword such as “tennis shoes” because you would be wasting advertising budget paying for wasted clicks for leads that are not looking for leather shoes necessarily.

This is where negative keywords come in. You will need to get more specific about the type of shoes you are selling. Weeding out people who are not likely part of the target market by identifying keywords and phrases that are not beneficial to the campaign.

The importance of using Negative Keywords

PPC strategists will use broad keywords to evaluate search queries that are good and bad. Any bad queries that drive up your campaign cost should be immediately added to a negative keyword list. If you don’t use negative keywords, you might end up losing quality score for your product, driving up unqualified clicks that never convert, and wasting valuable budget.

Difference between Campaign Level and AdGroup Level Negatives

It is important to mention that you can add negative keywords at the campaign level, which means that your ads will never show for those keywords. However, you can set negative keywords at a ad group level, meaning that your ads should not be shown for that specific group of negative keywords in that particular ad group.

Examples of negative keywords and tools or webpages to generate negative keywords

Here, I will share with you the general list of negative keywords that we go through  for most accounts. Be sure to filter them as you might need to take out some.

Thankfully, there are tools that will work as a negative keyword generators. Wordstream can help you gather a good base of negative keywords through its negative keyword generator. This can help you lower costs and improve quality score for more effective, relevant and budget friendly campaigns. However, optimizing your campaign as you go through different search queries is a must.


Having a good set of negative keywords is equally powerful as bidding on the best keywords. Refining those keywords based on real data is also important. Let’s make sure your budget is being used in a smart way and that you or your agency has a meticulously created set of negative keywords list.

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