4 digital marketing tactics you can no longer shrug off in 2019

It is almost a new year, and most of us already want to throw in the towel and call it quits for a much-needed holiday break. Wait! Before you rush off and get into the holiday spirit, you may want to prepare and formulate your digital marketing strategy for next year. This may sound like a lot of work, especially at this time of year, however, with the help of a professional online marketing agency you can streamline this process to ensure that you kick off the year with the digital strategies necessary to help your business grow in 2019.

The following four digital marketing tactics can be attempted on your own, but to ensure that it is done correctly, it should be implemented through the expertise of a range of professionals, from SEO specialists to social media gurus. So at last, behold, the digital marketing tactics you can no longer ignore in 2019:

SMS and email marketing – Yes, they have made a massive comeback

A lot of you are probably rolling your eyes at this point; SMS marketing was so 2010, right? Wrong. Coupled with email marketing, SMS marketing is an absolute essential to boost engagement and communication. Multi-channel marketing strategies are a definite must for your business in 2019. With an open rate of 99.9%, using SMS marketing ensures that your audience instantly receives valuable news and updates, and it allows your brand to stay in contact with non-social media goers.

Social media marketing – Because EVERYONE is doing it!

If you have still not jumped onto the social media bandwagon, or your current social media profiles have seen better days and are no longer offering you any results, fear not! By integrating professional social media strategies you will certainly start to see an increase in engagement and lead collection. Using precise techniques, your brand’s valuable content will be made visible to the right audience at the right time. A digital marketing agency with qualified and experienced account managers will be able to improve your social media marketing results through detailed audience targeting, ensuring that your content reaches the correct people.

Google Ads – The pay-per-click internet advertising your business needs

The value of quality Google Ads campaigns, developed by a professional online marketing agency, speaks for itself through results. Through intricate audience and keyword research, Google Ads campaign managers ensure that your potential clients can find your company when they are searching for products and/or services that you offer, and that you only pay when they click. Together with in-depth analysis and detailed reporting, you can measure and be proud of the results that Google Ads can bring to your business in 2019.

SEO – Your website will be lost in Google’s history without it

Behind the scenes, SEO improves your website’s organic visibility to reach optimal search results. Without SEO, your website will never get the attention it deserves. Be sure to choose a digital marketing agency that offers both search engine optimisation services and quality copywriting services, and your website will win a slot at the top of Google’s search results. Can you really do without this opportunity in the new year?

In order to get expert advice on the marketing strategies your business needs, you need the assistance of an expert online marketing agency. If you’re looking for marketing companies in Pretoria, look no further, Starbright has got you covered. Armed with a multi-skilled team who are experts in their fields, the web developers, SEO specialists, social media gurus, and content wizards at Starbright are always on the ball, and ready to optimise your digital strategy for the year ahead.

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