How To Analyze Your Competitor’s PPC Strategy

Pay-per-click advertising analysis of competitors has a special place in developing and improving your marketing strategy. Entrepreneur states that, for small marketing budgets, PPC marketing is one of the most effective solutions based on its cost. By using clever analysis of the methodologies used by others in the same niche as you, you can better develop and idea of what to include in your own PPC advertising campaign. It’s sort of like using competitors experience to save you the hassle of going through the failure process yourself. What can be do to see what our competitors are including in their PPC ads?

Check Through Keywords You may have Missed

SEMRush has a Keyword Gap tool that can be used to determine where a competitor’s keyword spread is different from your own. By analyzing the data for a keyword that they have and you don’t, you can draw conclusions about how effective it is at driving traffic. Keep an eye on both paid and organic keywords since you won’t know which one of those categories will be pushing the most visitors through to the competitor’s site. By leveraging those keywords in your PPC marketing you can capture some if not all of their traffic from that particular keyword.

Check the Impressiveness of their Ads

Forbes notes that a successful ad combines powerful messages and tie those to the perception of a brand in order to build credibility and trustworthiness in the viewer.Impressive ads drive traffic like nothing else and that’s why visual ads have always been far more effective at getting people to notice things than simple text advertisements. You have the benefit of being like a consumer and being able to judge the ads of your competitors subjectively. Notice what works in their ads and what doesn’t appeal to you, then design your own ads around filling in the holes that exist in theirs. Their misstep is your chance attacking some of that PPC traffic.

Reasons for the Seasons

Seasonality can be something that you might see your competitors leveraging in order to drive traffic. Nostalgia for holidays,whether it’s Valentines or Christmas, can be a powerful motivation for people to buy things. By using SEMRush’s Ad History section, you can quickly glimpse the seasonal performance of different competitors ads and see which ones worked and which ones didn’t. This allows you to put in place a potential holiday ad campaign that builds on the successes of your competitors well in advance of whatever holiday season you’re targeting.

Cater for the Mobile Market

Smart Insights says that internationally, people prefer using multiple devices, many times switching between a desktop and a mobile device for shopping. Google Ads mobile ad service can be a key component in getting your product in front as many eyes as possible. Remember to tailor the ad experience to the specific user, as mobile ads don’t usually work well in a desktop environment and vice versa. Checking out what the competition has done regarding their mobile ad suitability and learning from those ad designs can go a long way towards helping you develop the right PPC ads.

Paid or Organic Keywords?

There has been a longtime discussion about whether an organic keyword should be removed from a marketing site’s paid keyword list. By checking out how competitors do regarding their paid and organic keywords, we can develop a strategy for both piggybacking on their successful efforts as well as filling the gaps in their SEO strategy using a platform like SearchEye. Using monitoring and analysis of these keywords, you can potentially develop ads that can attract customers to your site that your competitors may have overlooked.

Smart PPC Strategy Development

The great German statesman Otto von Bismarck is quoted assaying that a wise man learns from the mistakes of others. This is what you’retrying to achieve by developing a PPC strategy that builds on the successes of your competitors while avoiding their failures. It makes no sense reinventing the wheel if all the hard work has already been done for you. You just have to see what’s presented and learn from it. As simple as that sounds, it still takes a lot of work to craft the perfect ad, but by staying away from the things that you are aware don’t work and focusing on the things that do, you’re likely to find the perfect conglomeration of elements much sooner than if you had to do it all by trial and error yourself.

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