Should You Be Using PPC Marketing to Grow Your Blog?

When it comes time for you to create a blog of your own one of the hardest aspects for growth is to decide whether or not you should be spending money to get people to your site. In the beginning, this can be quite tough for bloggers and it’s likely there won’t be any revenue generated from your site.

\However, we all have to start somewhere and adding a little money behind any website or blog is always a great way to find increased traffic and speeding up the monetization process.

One of the most well known, yet ignored methods for bringing quality traffic to a blog is through the use of pay per click marketing.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with the term or process, it’s simply advertising through the major search engines and paying for traffic on a pay per click basis.

If you want to find people who are looking for information on dog breeds, you might pay to appear into the top results for specific dog breeds and information on them.

Once someone clicks on one of these links, they are then sent to your site and you have to pay the search engine per click.

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While this method is a must in the business and lead generation market online, it’s not the same in the world of blogging… but it still can work in your favor, especially if you know how to monetize your traffic.

First things first.. find out how much traffic to your blog might cost.

Using the Google Adwords keyword tool you can pull up reports on what people are searching for, how often they search for these terms, the competitive market and how much people are paying per click.

Also it’s important to know where Google is making their money, which will also provide you with a glimpse into what niches and markets are the most expensive for you to compete in.

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When selecting keywords and search phrases to promote your blog, think about the long tail keywords that you can use to promote individual blog posts and stay away from generic and highly sought after terms. This will greatly impact the costs and success of your ad campaigns.

It’s Still Possible to Get Clicks for a Few Pennies

As mentioned, one of the biggest reasons why bloggers will not even attempt to start a PPC advertising campaign is because they are terrified of the costs associated… which makes perfect sense. The dreams of getting .01 cent click like back in the early 2000’s is not what it used to be, but it’s definitely still possible to get clicks for a few pennies each.

In the screenshot below you will see the stats for a Google Adwords campaign I set up for a blog I created a while back, yet I keep the campaign running month after month because it continues to bring in new targeted traffic while still costing only .04 per click!

Of course getting only a couple hundred clicks a month isn’t a big deal, but its a great place for any blogger to start and not have to worry about blowing their budget.

Targeting Traffic Outside of Google

It’s also important to remember that Google isn’t the only place that you can advertise your blog in the search engines. Don’t forget about other big players like BING and YouTube, two other excellent and massively huge traffic sources that you can still tap into for clicks under ten cents each.

Don’t forget, in the world of blogging it’s all about building a community around your blog and getting people to find your site and keep them coming back.

Just a few hundred or few thousand clicks per month from new traffic sources can really mean a lot to the growth of your blog in the coming years and month.

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