7 modern PPC trends that you should jump on in 2019

2018 was a transformative year for PPC. Google rebranded Google AdWords to Google Ads. They completely revamped the interface and introduced new campaign types, features, innovative tools and targeting options. Bing also launched many new features to improve its targeting and reporting capabilities.

We also saw the focus shift from Google to Amazon, as advertisers started allocating budgets for running ads on Amazon to tap customers who search for products on Amazon instead of Google. We also saw many shades of automation in PPC advertising last year. What does 2019 has in store for PPC marketers and advertisers?

Here is an infographic that will tell you all about the latest PPC trends that your business should hop on to in 2019.

2019 PPC Trends

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Source: https://www.branex.co.uk/blog/ppc-trends-2019/

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